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ON THE BLOG: Stress & gut health

Two of my passions in one blog! I’m often explaining the link between stress and your gut health in clinic. In this blog you’ll learn about what is stress, how it impacts your gut health and how to support your gut’s health during stressful periods to lessen the impact on it.

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500 foods & household items biocompatibility testing
Love food, but feel like no matter how you eat, food isn’t loving you back? Strange symptoms appearing and disappearing so you can never quite work out what is contributing to them? The 500 Foods Bio-compatibility Test is a simple, non-invasive hair test that has been used with great success for over 30 years. By testing your cells (hair) against foods, drinks, condiments and household products, we can build a picture of what has a positive or negative effect on you.

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My Recipes

From time to time I keep a track of what I’ve put in a meal and type it up to share with you on the blog. This doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but here’s a quick link to the ones I’ve shared so far. You’ll find gut healing jellies, pickled beets, kale pesto and my whole chicken and vegetable soup recipe. Perfect for winter.

Turmeric supports optimal health in many ways and helps reduce symptoms of pain and inflammation. In this blog I share my recipe to make a batch of turmeric, ginger and galangal (optional) paste. Use the paste with hot water to make a delicious, spicy, warming tea, or add a bit to your cooking and boost your turmeric intake each day.

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